From Latin amīca (“friend”).

amica female (plural amiche).

Inspired engagement

At Amica, our name isn’t just a label
—it’s who we are. Amica reflects the enduring values
at the heart of genuine partnership:
Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Joy, Honesty,
and Unwavering Support

Integrated medical and patient engagement

Global expert partnerships

Strategic and tactical planning

Medical and patient insights

Co-creation and communication

Inspired people achieve more together

Deep, global expertise >

Deep, global expertise

Amica is a female-founded, full-service agency with expertise in multiple disciplines including strategy, engagement, communications and publications. Our comprehensive service offering covers every phase of a product's lifecycle and our world-class experts have the depth of experience and passion needed to navigate each complex challenge.

Inspired engagement >

Inspired engagement 

We're a strongly connected team of medical and patient engagement experts across the US and UK who understand that inspiration matters. When people are truly engaged, they contribute passionately and purposefully towards a goal. Our integrated approach harnesses that passion by always connecting what we do, to why we do it.

Effective partnership >

Effective partnership 

We believe that successful medical and patient engagement strategies hinge on strong partnerships and value-added relationships. By aligning closely with our clients, healthcare professionals and patient partners, we forge collaborations designed to amplify strategies and optimize outcomes for all stakeholders.

Making a difference >

Making a difference 

We're here to create an impact: our goal is to improve the experience of every stakeholder with every programme. At Amica, your mission becomes ours. We're not only consultants; we're your partners in creating a healthier world, one inspired engagement at a time.

A talented team, grounded in real-world experience

Dawn Lobban PhD
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, UK

With over 20 years in the industry, I’ve successfully partnered with numerous medical and commercial clients in multiple therapy areas, across all stages of medicine development. In recent years, I’ve focused specifically on patient engagement, leading original research and proudly contributing towards the evidence base for industry best practices. 

To further support change, I work on a voluntary basis with two of our leading professional organizations, the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) and the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) within their patient-focused working groups.

I believe passionately that the scope of any healthcare initiative is elevated when we engage with both medical and patient stakeholders. When we get that right, we inspire people with a truly collaborative approach that is transformative – that’s our Amica mission!

When I’m not in the office with my Amica team, I love being out on my bike in the beautiful hills of the Peak District – it’s a superb way to work out an answer to most challenges!

Anne Clare Wadsworth
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, UK

I’m based in the UK’s medcomms heartland so perhaps no surprise that after business school, I discovered medical communications. In the last 20 years, I’ve launched medcomms agencies, established new offices and led innovation workstreams while building best-in-class delivery teams to partner with clients at every stage of medicine development.

Over a decade ago, I became fascinated by the nascent movement towards patient engagement in our industry and I set about finding ways to contribute from an agency perspective. I’ve been fortunate to contribute to research in the area and participate in transformational initiatives working with not-for-profit organizations including International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), European Cancer Patient Advocacy Network (WECAN) and Patient Focused Medicine Development (PFMD).

Within Amica, we’re harnessing this deep expertise in both medical and patient engagement to do what we know best: listening to clients and helping them achieve their goals with trusted teams, empowered to explore their most inspired ideas.

Outside of the Amica office, you’ll find me obsessing over books, cycling, gardening and enjoying time with friends and family – a healthy mix of solitary and social!

Joe Kohles PhD
Partner, US

In the last 20 years, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the medical affairs function from some very different perspectives: initially as a senior medical affairs leader within major pharma companies; then as an entrepreneur launching a medical strategy agency start-up; and in recent years, as Chief Medical Officer for a global medical communications and publications organization. 

Throughout this time, I’ve worked closely with the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) as a strategic consultant, helping to drive industry excellence through workshops and various resources including the MAPS medical strategy standards and practice guide.

Working within the Amica team, I know we can bring deep knowledge of both the patient and healthcare professional space to drive strong and effective medical affairs programmes. I’m excited we get to leverage our collective strength in medical affairs and patient engagement while building exceptional teams to deliver something truly special. 

Outside of our Amica team, I love to spend time with my family, travelling and ideally, combining both with time on the water.

David Thompson

David Thompson
Partner, UK

A couple of decades ago I headed to the US to launch a subsidiary of a leading global medical communications company, leaving Macclesfield, UK, for ‘pharma headquarters’ in New Jersey. I spent 15 years stateside in ever-more entrepreneurial and senior leadership roles, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of Envision Pharma. I’m passionate about partnering with clients to deliver transformational programmes, which is why I am so excited to be supporting the exceptional talent at Amica with our collective mission to further evolve the patient voice in medical affairs and across the drug development lifecycle. 

As the name suggests, I am joining long-standing friends at Amica; Joe Kohles, trusted partner and medical strategy thought leader, Chris Stratton, the best Chief Financial Officer one can have; and the most talented agency leaders in Anne Clare and Dawn, who are driving this incredible team forward with authentic purpose and passion. 

Beyond my partnership role with Amica, I support Guy’s Cancer Academy in an educational consulting role and hold various non-executive positions. I also champion a cycling/coffee empire at G!RO Cycles to combine my love of cycling and other sports on the weekends. 

Chris Stratton
Chief Financial Officer, US

Throughout my career, I have worked as a chief finance officer for professional services companies supporting the life sciences industry. These have ranged from private start-up companies to global organizations. 

I bring a deep understanding of the corporate, commercial and operational requirements to deliver exceptional partnership to our pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

My role is to partner with talented Amica team members, united by a passion to achieve the very best for our clients. Ultimately our goal is to improve outcomes for all of the stakeholders involved in our programmes.

Outside of Amica, you will find me trail running, travelling with my family or reading.